60th Anniversary-Welcome to Powerstock Village Hall Our Historical Hut

Welcome to Powerstock Village Hall
Our Historical Hut

60th Anniversary

Powerstock HutIn 2013, Powerstock Hut celebrated it's 60 year anniversary since Admiral Sir Victor Crutchley donated the land on which the Hut stands to the community.

We celebrated this landmark with an exhibition of videos, photographs and items produced in the parish on Saturday 1st June 2013. We welcomed many, many visitors to The Hut and had a lovely time. 


A masterful 60th anniversary cake in the shape of the Hut being cut by Betty Bull who baked it.


The Hut dressed overall amidst the summer daises.


Fascinating wall displays of our heritage.


Old School Photographs.


On display were many pictures and photos of very talented local artisans.